Wednesday, 14 December 2011

End of Semester Cheer

Well I did it I survived through my most recent semester of college, and it feels so good to be off for a couple of weeks of no school.

But I will not be sitting around drinking egg nog this holiday season.  I have many plans for my time a way from all that fancy book learning; including a workbench for my dad (which I started as soon as I got home from my last exam), some game boards and what I am most excited for is the Woodwhisperer Guild Build (more on this to come).

The bench I am building for my dad is a simple plywood constructed work surface for the garage.  My dad needs a place to work when tinkering with his motorcycle, so the bench is a basic platform to put stuff down.
The Torsion Box Top

The top of the bench is a torsion box.  I decided on using a torsion box because the stay incredibly rigid, and I felt like building one.  I like the process, and after so much school work the repetitive nature of building the box frame was a good way to let off some steam.

I was hoping to get further on the the project but some bad weather forced me back inside.  Maybe I' ll go down stairs to the shop and practise some dovetails now instead.

It's good to be back.  Cheers
Hans Christopher