Friday, 22 March 2013

Catching Up

Alright so it has been a while.  An Internet fubar and a whole lot of building has kept me off the Internet theses last few weeks.  Since my last post I have completed three more week long classes and finished off two more projects.

Week 6 was all about the joinery that is used in furniture making.  The week didn't yield a finished piece of furniture but there were numerous lessons learnt in the poplar sample joints we constructed.

Week 7 began and due to lower then normal enrolment I am working alone in the school.  I began working on a Small cabinet.  With no one else in the shop work went fairly quickly and I made a lot of progress.

The following week saw a great woodworker come in, Adrian Ferrazzutti, to teach studio veneering.  This week was incredible; Adrian is a great teacher and an all around nice guy.  Veneering is something I hadn't done before and it was a great technique to learn.  There are similar skills to working with veneer as working with solid wood.  I really enjoyed this type of work and can see myself doing more veneer work in the future.

After Adrian left it was back to working on my small cabinet.  I fit in some tool making and built myself a scratch stock.  A very simple tool but incredibly useful and versatile.

I have now finished the Small cabinet.  It is constructed from solid cherry with basswood back panels.  The dental molding below the crown in made of ebony and holly and was a fun detail to construct.  The entire cabinet is finished with shellac.

I have now begun a bow front cabinet.  Usually built to hang on the wall I plan to build a base for it in the future, a very Krenovian detail.  This project is a combination of solid wood construction as well as shop sawn veneer construction.

Also over the last few weeks I made a trip out to KJP Hardwoods.  It is a place were wood dreams are born, I have never seen so much beautiful wood in one place.

And finally I finished off my desktop drawer this week as well.

All and all a very exciting couple of weeks and looking forward to many more.

Hans Christopher