Saturday, 1 February 2014

Photos, Counters, and Noise

Nothing exciting occurred this week at all.  Work on all my projects continues, some much slower than others.

In the shop this week students learnt about cutting all types of joinery commonly used in furniture making; half blind and sliding dovetails, through mortise and tenon joints and even dowel joinery.  Big shout out to the students at Rosewood this week for making me laugh, you guys rock and best of luck to all of you in your woodworking futures.

After this week I have concluded that the extra bench in the machine room is a nice addition (so that I always have a bench to work at), but it means I work in an environment that is very loud and full of vibration (when any of the machines are being run) and after a short while in that setting all I want to do is find a quiet place to escape to, I look forward to getting back into the bench room next week, where the natural light and quiet environment are much more comfortable to work in.

To avoid the noise and calamity of a full wood shop I worked from the office a lot this past week.  I reviewed the designs for the kitchen and found a mistake I had made.  Luckily I caught the mistake before any material or time was wasted and I am now working on a solution to fix said mistake.  Wednesday I drove around speaking with suppliers to get price estimates for granite and quartz counters.  Four stops and four seemingly identical conversations later I found a company I liked and will hope to do business with on the kitchen renovation.

I also spent a fair amount of time at my drafting table designing small wooden objects that I could possibly do in small batch productions this year.  Items such as mirror frames, book ends and boxes of various shapes and sizes.  I will begin prototyping these ideas so and hope to be selling them in the next few months.

Wooden coasters I made this week

I did get some work on the hall table done as well.  After a trip to KJP Select Hardwoods to purchase some walnut, I broke down all the stock in to rough pieces.  The pieces are now going to sit for a few days to acclimate before I begin milling them to final size.

Breaking down all the components for the table except for the top

And Finally I have spent a few hours today re shooting some of my past pieces.  The hall bench and the walnut box I have shoot on a brand new backdrop that I will use for all my portfolio shoots in the future.  A big thanks to my clients for allowing me to come back and re shoot these pieces in their home.

Re shooting the bench and walnut box

Hans Christopher