Wednesday, 21 September 2011

One Ugly Duckling

So with no school today I had the whole day to spend down in the shop.  I started by continuing on my sawbench.  I glued up the front legs and stretchers (wrong way first...I hate do overs), and while that was drying I continued onto some other shop projects.

I built a mitre shooting board a while back during the cabinet door project and now I have gone onto build a standard shooting board, and I screwed it up.  The issue is that when I was planning the end grain (planning sapele end grain is not as bad as I thought) I chamfered the ends of the fence block so now when I plane a piece up against the fence the work piece continuously blows out.  It is fixable so when I can I'll take off the fence and plane away the chamfer.

The big accomplishment today though was completing the ugly duckling.  What is this ugly duckling I speak of; well it is one ugly tool chest that I now having sitting in my shop.  The chest is a simple construction of all the spare junk I had in the shop, the chest is meant to hold and protect my complement of hand tools (or at least most of them).  It is 2'x1'x1' box made of pine and maple with two tool tills.

The chest holds:
Jack Plane
Jointer Plane
Block Plane
Router Plane
Shoulder Plane
Brace & Bits
Hand Drill
Fret Saw
Beading Tool
Rasps & File
Marking Knife
Dovetail Markers
Measuring Tape
And other miscellaneous items

This chest is by no stretch of the imagination perfect, far from it.  The chest is a bit to small, I have none of my saws (besides my fret saw) in there which I would have liked.  The tills are a bit to large to allow for easy acces to bottom of the chest. The lid doesn't stop all the dust from getting into the chest.  For me these are some big issues that I should address either by retrofitting solutions onto the chest or by building a new one (probably the latter).  In the mean time the chest does work well enough to hold and protect my tools so it is a welcome addition to my shop.

Hans Christopher

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