Thursday, 27 December 2012

A Bright Idea

Sorry for the obvious pun title for this post.  I have recently been making some improvements to the shop.  One of the easiest things so far has been the addition of a drafting lamp to the bench (the bench top for your information is now completely flattened and being used regularly).

A simple upgrade that has huge benefits.  The lamp makes seeing scribe and pencil lines much easier.  Working in a basement with almost no natural light makes seeing things difficult so this lamp should make life here better.  Only thing I may change about the lamp is the bulb.  I plan to switch all my lighting to L.E.D. lighting.  More energy efficient and better colour rendition makes them a great alternative to usual fluorescent and incandescent lights.

Now is also a good time to inform people that begin in a few weeks I shall be attending Rosewood Studio in Perth Ontario for 12 weeks to improve my woodworking skills.  I hope to blog much of my time there so follow along.

Hans Christopher