Saturday, 28 February 2015

Speaking about Woodworking

I had the privilege to speak to the Kingston Woodworkers Association today.  The KWA put together a great symposium to discuss woodworking joinery.  I was included in a great line up of talented Ontario based makers and felt honoured to be asked to join them to speak.  If I can make one complaint is that I had way too much to saw and way too little to speak.

This was my first time speaking to a group of people this size, nearly sixty faces staring at me, and they were a great group.  Everything went off without a hitch.  I even got a few laughs during both of my talks.

With this presentation finished and behind me now there is one last thing to think about and devote attention.  Now I can focus on paying jobs, and get some work on my house done (notably my shower plumbing).

Hans Christopher

Friday, 20 February 2015

Getting On Track

Things are getting back on track finally.  Yesterday the electricians finished their work in the Shop, the walls are drywalled and I even have heat on in the shop.  I moved in the machinery and all my tools which means I am finally where I wanted to be several weeks ago, now I can focus my attention on completing paying jobs I've had to postpone.

The shop does need more work, all the drywall need to be plastered, cabinets and proper storage needs to be built, and the exterior still needs several inches of rigid foam installed and new siding over top of that, but all of that work will have to wait till warmer weather comes around.  Big step today though was moving in my toolchest it feels great to see that sitting in my new shop.

Yesterday I started a new job, a custom stair railing, for a new customer.  A few weeks ago I began the job by signing a contract with the homeowners and doing the design work for the stair rail.

I got started with the on site work by protecting the existing carpet.  The carpet is not to be replaced so I have to make sure not to damage it, so I nailed on some canvas tarps to the stairs using 1x3 and 2" brads.  The nails will pull out easily after work is finished and will leave no sign of being there.

The majority of the work will be done in the shop, making the posts and railing, and then installed on site.  The next step is to purchase the materials and get them in the shop to start building the posts.

Follow along to see how work progresses on both this stair rail and on the shop.

Hans Christopher