Friday, 18 March 2016

First of the Season

The warm weather is upon us, so the calls for outdoor projects has begun.  A previous customer called me up wanting to make some improvements to the front of their home. I really enjoy working for repeat customers having that past working relation usually makes the process more comfortable for both parties.

Previous to my arrival the homeowners deck was surrounded by a poorly installed and frankly ugly plastic lattice. The homeowners understandably did not like this and asked me to make an improvement.  After some discussion it was decided to install new 1"x 6" vertical pressure treated fence boards.

After removing the lattice I installed a new sub rail to support the new deck skirting. This took a fair bit more work then anticipated as the front of the deck was out of level. After some shimming and shaving and adjusting the new vertical boards were nailed on level and in a straight line.

And this is the final result.  Able to report happy clients again.

The clients also asked for a gate on the side of the deck so that they can store items under the deck during the winter, so of course I obliged.

In the end a simple project that resulted in a dramatic improvement to the curb appeal of the home, and it was nice to be working outside again.

Hans Christopher

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